Guest posing in Holland

Hello my people, guess who’s back?

Just landed back from Holland, my true followers will know this because I have been snapping. So, let me tell you about it, it was awesome! Got there on Saturday with Nikki, and I was hungry, so before I even checked in at the hotel, I had to go for sushi. I don’t know if it’s because I was hungry but it was so good, I’m wondering if it has any relation with it actually being my first cheat meal in 8 weeks. Any tips?

After a satisfying meal, checking in, and finally resting for a few moments, I got to experience my sponsor Alex competing. He really did well, he was in great condition, and I was pleased to see that the whole team are working hard to achieve greatness.

Met up with my good friend Benny Boy and his partner, and we had a good laugh, as always. Then, the best part, I got on stage to do my guest pose and the house went down! It was an incredible buzz, the crowd had so much energy, and they made the atmosphere so energetic.

It felt good to get such a great response, it shows that I have been working hard and the results are obvious, so I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and push even harder. This weekend I have another guest posing spot, only this time in my home country, Portugal.

I’m hoping to get a similar response and engagement from the crowd so I’m going to train extra hard these next few days!

Stay with me guys, next week I will let you know all about it.
Rude boy!

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