How to annihilate your biceps

Bicep workout get pretty standard. All the funny movements you see in the gym are really just not effective at stimulating growth. But we can’t always repeat the same movement forever. To really add some new tension and give your biceps something they have never felt before, use the underutilised drag curl.

Drag curl?

Precisely the problem. Nobody even knows what a drag curl is anymore. Just a heads up, the drag curl is a technical movement, and requires proper form otherwise all tension and benefits will be lost. With a standard curl, you move the bar in a semi-circular fashion while you keep your elbows tight at your side. A drag curl is quite different, where the bar moves strictly up and down as if it were attached to a smith machine, while your elbows move back and forth. While this may sound counterintuitive to every book on hypertrophy you have read, there is science behind them.

The reason why they work is because almost 100% of bicep movements have some element of deltoid involvement, no matter how good your form is. The drag curl eliminates over 90% of anterior delt involvement, putting more tension on the bicep. The ROM on this is short, so again, you need to slow the pace down quite drastically, while keeping a good intensity. This will allow you to focus on the peak contraction of the movement.

Dropset your drag curls

If you are feeling brave, crazy, or maybe just have too much pre-workout in your system, you can add a dropset into your drag curls. This ramps up the intensity quite nicely to get that burn in your muscle which no amount of beta-alanine can stop, exactly what we want. To make this more effective, and also so that you don’t hog all the bars in your gym, use a cable machine.

Cables are rather intricate in how they manipulate tension angles in your bicep, as well as putting constant tension on the bicep. Start out with a weight that you can push 10-15 reps, then drop by 20-25% and go for another 10-15 reps. Don’t be hesitant to push close to failure on all of your sets, that is the whole point here, to push your body beyond the limit.

These techniques should be left for the end of your workout, and should deplete whatever you have left in the tank. They are perfect for moderate-to-high rep sets because of the fact that these are centred around focus and precision rather than sheer load. Try using an exercise step if the cables touch plates at the end of the ROM to keep constant tension, or try the Smith Machine.

As out there as it may sound, try the drag curl and guaranteed, you will see results.

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