Lose 1.7kg More in 8 Weeks

According to researchers from the University of Iceland, a low calorie meal plan rich in lean fish will be able to help you lose more weight than an identical meal plan rich in lean meat. Fish is not only good for the heart but also your blood vessels and body composition, some reasons for this might be:
  • N-3 fatty acids
  • High in vitamin D
  • Protein rich with high amounts of taurine which can help raise metabolic rate
According to the study, people lose more weight in a shorter period by eating fish and some animal studies in the past have shown that a low calorie meal plan which mainly consists of fish protein can help maintain muscle glucose reserves better than other protein rich diets. The study was done on 126 fat individuals between the ages of 20 and 40 who were on a fairly strict diet plan for approx. 8 weeks. The control group were fed lean meat daily while the other group was given 150 grams of cod 3 times a week instead of meat, the last group got 150 grams of cod 5 times per week. The macro-nutrient ratios of all 3 groups were exactly the same. lose-up-to-1.7kg-more-02 According to the figure above, the more cod the test subject ate the greater the effect of their weight loss. The subjects lowered both their body composition as well as waist measurements, according to the study if you eat cod 5 times per week, you can stand to lose up to 1.7kg more within 8 weeks.


To be honest their might be something fishy about this study, we found out that the study was sponsored by the Icelandic Research Fund AVS, which is the Icelandic ministry of fisheries. Keep in mind that fishing is of vital importance to the Icelandic economy as fishing accounts for more than 60% of their exports. It’s not clear but maybe we can say that the sponsor had some vested interests in the research outcome, however, it’s still worth a shot.

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