My New Cardio

Hey guys, I hope you are all keeping strong!

Like most people spending a lot of time on the treadmill, I find cardio boring, but I’ve had just about enough of that. I decided to make things a bit more interesting, and took up boxing to help with my fitness and prep. This involves me doing 15 minutes of foot work, 6 x 2 minute rounds of pad work in the ring, then to the punching bag, and crunches with leg raises to finish off.

It is something new to me and it is testing me in different ways. The Amplify Waxy-Maize from CHROME UK really helps get me through these cardio sessions, keeps my energy levels just right! I know I’m never going to be a boxer, but for me it’s a challenge, and has made my cardio session more exciting. If you are bored and feel like your cardio has become mundane, try something new!

Peace out,

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