My plans for 2017

Hey guys,

People keep asking about my plans this year. After my father passed away last year, I should not have done the Tampa show as I only found out on the morning of the show. I was stuck in Tampa either doing nothing and waiting for my flight home next day or do the show. So, I decided to do the show.

Looking back at the pictures, I looked terribly flat and I should not have been on stage. It’s true what they say, if your mind isn’t there then your body won’t be either. This year I am concentrating on working my overall package and I’ve decided to do it on my own. If I feel I’ve made enough improvements then I will compete but if not then I won’t, I’m not going to waste my time and effort to make up numbers.

I honestly believe that I haven’t brought my best package on stage to date, if I did think that then I would retire. Having Chrome UK in my corner is a big help, having the best supplements available on hand. If you guys want no bulls@#* supplements, please give them a follow on Instagram.

Peace out,

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