Prepping Shaun Joseph-Tavernier

Yo guys, I hope you are all well!

Today I met with my boy, Shaun Jospeh-Tavenier who’s currently 14 weeks out from his first show of 2017; the PCA BodyPower Pro-Am. Wet met in Birmingham, and traveled down to the famous Emporium gym where Shaun trained chest and biceps, while being filmed for some PCA promo work.

From seeing Shaun’s face, and what I had seen as he was training, I knew he was in shape. We went upstairs to the lady’s gym, it has great mirrors, it’s secluded, and it’s the same place we’ve previously used to check Shaun’s physique. The Chronicle Nutrition PrimeAmino, and AminoNRG that Shaun has been using, has definitely made a noticeable difference in his conditioning but I won’t reveal too much. Put it this way, I’ve never seen him so good this far out from a show.

Having less fat to lose makes life so much easier than playing catch up, rushing and worrying whether the changes you make will work. As well as Shaun’s current physique being great, his entire mind set is in a totally different zone, and I’ve never seen him so focused and driven before, which will make for an exciting show day!

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